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"Our goal is to leverage our skills in 3D design and use of technology to achieve benefit for anyone needing to purchase a prosthesis of the fastest and economic way. "

How to obtain a Prosthesis?

1. The user  first contact us with  100% availability of participation.  

3.Measures are taken to the user and a 3d prototype model test is printed

2. The user attends to a very simple face-to-face or virtual appointment.

4. The final prosthesis model is delivered with warranty included


What about the price?

Through a socio-economic study we estimate the cost and type of prosthesis that fits the possibilities of the user.

If the user doesn't have sufficient resources the cost decreases in exchange for colaboration with us.

This participation is accommodated according on personal skills . 

Advantages of our service

Constant evolution of the design

with ease of acquire custom parts

Annual renewal of model prosthesis with discount by giving former prosthesis

Benefits to users who demonstrate good collective participation

Repair and upgrade of specific parts

"no need to replace the entire prosthesis if a single piece breaks"


Correo: info@novarts3d.com
Facebook: facebook.com/novarts3d
Teléfono: 871-330-732



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